Following are vehicles we have available for post-auction sale.  Currently these vehicles all belong to Price is Right Auto Sales.  If you are interested in purchasing any of them, please contact Dawn at 540-982-6640



'02 Dodge Intrepid     4dr     169K     Overheats


'05 Ford Explorer     SUV     186K     Valve cover gasket bad


'99 Ford Crown Vic     4dr     174K     Bad Transmission


'01 Jeep Grand Cherokee     SUV     191K     Bad transmission


'03 Ford Taurus     4dr     280K     Starts and runs


'99 Chrysler Town & Co     Van     243K     Damage on right front


'01 Buick LeSabre     4dr     TMU     Starts and runs


'06 Hyundai Sonata     4dr     190K     Bad motor


'09 Subaru Outback     Wgn     172K     Damage on right and left  


'04 Jeep Liberty     SUV     182K     Bad transmission